Welcome to Ski armenia


Situated very close to continental Europe. Armenia is located about 5 hours from the UK and around 4 hours from Germany/France.

With the major ski fields of the Alps, Canadian Rockies becoming ever more busy with the increasing number of tourists, true and passionate elitists of pristine winter sports are always on the look out for new and exciting places to ski or snowboard.

Armenia offers that sought after exclusivity by only now presenting its mountains to the rest of the world to enjoy.

Uniquely positioned with direct flights regularly from:

- London

- Paris

- Munich

- Vienna

- Prague

- Moscow

Armenia is the next must see winter destination.

Did you know?

- The Armenian Ski fields in Tsakhkadzor were the training grounds for the Soviet Olympic team?

- in 301 A.D., Armenia was the first state in the world to accept Christianity as the official religion.

Happy Fans

Derek (Dublin, Ireland, 2 Jan, 2006):

I was on a business trip to Armenia end of December, 2005, and used my free week-end to ski in Tsakhkadzor. Surprisingly well groomed trails and good quality service. The day pass is only about $12 for all lifts, I was lucky to catch powder. Abundant snowfall this year, many skiers from Russia and Ukrain. You should see the construction going on there - quite a few new hotels and restaurants. Fantastic swimming pool - one of the best I ever attended. I recommend visiting the resort - cheap and good quality.


davide dambrosi (Paris France , 12 Dec, 2005):

I have been to Tsakhadzor, very nice resort in Armenia. Brand new ski lifts from Italy. Great slops, very nice people and good local beer. Don't miss to visit the near by sites, among which lake Sevan, only a few minutes and quiet a few beautiful churches. Night life great in Yerevan


Name: Brett
Country: USA
Age: 25

I long to ski and dance with the Armenians at the Winter Rock Festival.



Name: Steve
Country: USA
Age: 35

It looks like you have beautiful skiing, and beautiful women in Armenia... I hope to travel there some day!


Name: Robin Sizemore
Country: USA
Age: n/a

Lot"s of friends ski there and send pics
just to make me jealous - hope to ski with them in 2006!
Thanks Vart!


Name: Arthur
Country: Austria
Age: 27

Das ist eine super Seite,ich wunsche euch viel Erfolg,weiter so,aber schreibt alles auf armenisch und
Englisch und nicht russisch,weil ihr keine russischen Sklaven


Name: Bryn
Country: England
Age: 23

expansive slopes, beautiful sights, just
need a few more lifts and runs. you guys could be onto a winner, good luck and maybe see you soon